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Burnite - Midlife Conversations


Image of Burnite - Midlife Conversations

Burnite third album “Midlife Conversations” is made of nine pop/rock songs talking about living as a 40 year-old. The opening “Calendar Song“ and “Gone Away” are characterised by fine guitar riffs turning around in a hypnotic fashion to make you feel in a good mood as pop songs are supposed to make you feel like. Something suddenly changes in the final part of “Gone away”: a melancholic and slightly angry sound shifts that hypnotic light feeling into sadness and the realisation
that “...all gone away, just gone away!”. Everything flows into the third track, “Boring”: it seems we have no hopes and no desires and a claustrophobic loop keeps the tension high... something between a horror movie soundtrack and a pop song. “The Fool” is the first single from “Midlife Conversations”, you won't forget it from the very first moment you listen to it; “Diver & Climber” brings again the sound into melancholic vibes, but everything is fresh and weird thanks to a 7/8 rhythm that crashes on a very very emotional ending. The fifth song “Politics” is a growing sound, where you are asked many questions and as it reaches reach its climax you'll find just one depressing answer “...don't know who really I am”. No time to wonder again who you really are because you'll be enraptured by an incredible funk post rock scale with “Everything is known”, a song talking about depression. Depression which often comes back to haunt the main character of the album, but no fear at all, because “Everything is known, it has been seen before, so much clearer”. “XXX” is a pop/rock song, which brings you back to a lighter mood and seems to have a total break from statements and emotions that you already encountered throughout the whole album. It’s a younger and carefree song, where the singing character feels the joyfulness of the summer time and is very excited and “...ready to take one more race”. The last track goes back to “The Fool” stripped from singing voices, electric guitars and most of the instruments. This wants to be a blissful end to the album, making you think you were listening to a movie soundtrack... and “Midlife Conversation” could really be one.